The Sierra Leone government will soon implement a National Youth Service Scheme for all graduating students from the university, the Ministry of Youth has said.


An official of the ministry confirmed on Tuesday that a bill will soon be presented to parliament detailing the scheme that will make it a requirement for every graduate to serve a period in a particular part of the country on a voluntary basis.

This will promote regional integration as citizens from one part of the country will experience the other parts, said Mohamed Kamara, Public Relations Officer at the Youths Ministry.

He added that the idea is also part of the government’s response to engaging the youths.

“We will mitigate the issue of politicians focusing on tribe,” said Kamara, adding that the bill is due to be presented to parliament in January for subsequent approval.

The Youth Ministry was created in 2013, after been separated from the Sports Ministry. Former youths MP, Alimamy Koroma, has headed it since then.

He has promised a number of programmes which are expected to kick off in the New Year, among them a business loan scheme for women, and a fishing scheme.

President Ernest Bai Koroma is due to inaugurate some 70 boats for youths in riverine communities next month, the ministry said.