Eight-six (86) companies that have been selling sachet water in the country have been ordered to shut down with immediate effect by the Sierra Leone Electricity Water Regulatory Commission (SLEWRC).

Sachet Water

This decision was based on concerns raised by the Standards Bureau quite recently that most of these companies were not operating in an hygienic environment and that the quality is poor, and therefore were ordered to “cease production and withdraw all products from the market nationwide with immediate effect”.

According to a release signed by the Head, Legal and Consumer Unit, Georgiana S. Karim, these companies should only resume production after the water quality has been reassessed and certified by the Standards Bureau and their status regulated as a water producing entity after being licenced by the Commission.

Among the eighty-six water producing companies are: Nour Best Drinking Water, Blue Moon Industry, Haj-Bak Water2 Hands Production (Family Water), Albarka Pure Drinking Water, Mary’s Pure Drinking Water, Always Fresh Drinking Water, Daily Fresh Drinking, MAG Pure Water, So Pure Drinking Water, Easy Life Drinking Water, UBEE’s Pure Water and Pure Family Spring Water.