Sierra Leone has been accepted into the Global Partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals (The Partnership) as a pilot country.


16-odd years ago a global initiative named the Millennium Development Goals was launched but we did not have a plan for them so everything we did MDG-wise was at the periphery of some other government activity (by default! i.e.).

But we learned from that and today, not only that we are going to develop a plan for the SDGs working with civil society, government, academia, and international partners like the US State Department, but we are also going to work with world standards as a pilot country that others will learn from.

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It all started with the vision to host the first open data festival in Sierra Leone; viz: “#DataFestSL2016.”

This is not unconnected to government’s laudable progress in open initiatives such as the Open Data Council, Open government Partnership and the activities and engagement of the Right to Access Information Commission.

With the support of other players within the Sierra Leonean diaspora, these government open initiative organisations have been able to negotiate with ‘The Partnership’s leadership to attain a position where the rest of the World will be looking at Sierra Leone for leadership.”