Annie Walsh, one of Sierra Leone‬‘s Grade A schools, is to expel two of its pupils after a photo went viral apparently showing them kissing in public in their school uniform.

Kissing In Public

Two weeks ago, witnesses said as the two girls were heading home from school when they both yelled “kiss me” before engaging in the kiss.

The student said their very public display of love in the form of a kiss was part of how they express themselves to perform a “non-conformist” act.

The act got the them expelled from school , and now they also face disqualification from the attending any other school in Sierra Leone , too.

Meanwhile, the students said they would choose to pull off the same “non-conformist” act if they had it to do over again.

The students explussion has sparked reaction within the school, the country and also on social media . Most comments on social media were against the administration’s decision. Many Said the students have been treated unfairly.

Some comemmentator said the kiss was about drawing attention to gay and lesbian students who are treated poorly in Sierra Leone .

The ages of the girls have not been made public but in senior secondary school they should be in their mid to late teens.