Confirmed news reveals that the radical progressive leader, Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba, has finally been given his American Passport after months of seizure by the Government of Sierra Leone.

Alie Kabba

Details of the circumstances surrounding the handover remain undisclosed. However, it is reported that the Sierra Leone Government was placed under pressure as a result of the seizure of the passport and has now been compelled to return it to its lawful holder.

Alie has not yet made any comments on the return of his passport, which is seen by many observers as a significant development in an ongoing saga.

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It could be recalled that recently there were credible newspaper reports to the effect that as part of the diplomatic pressure mounted on the APC government for their high-handed actions, many APC government officials were denied American visa.

Expressing her joy and relief at hearing the news, this is what Alice Conteh, a staunch Alie Kabba supporter had to say: “This victory over abuse of power and extreme judicial overreach is one big step in a sustained struggle that will end with the election of Alie Kabba as President of Sierra Leone.”

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Alie Kabba, a leading opposition aspirant for the national Presidency, was arrested and locked up several times following his arrival in the country in December last year to pursue his political ambition. His arrest was occasioned by a report filed by a senior government Minister, Diana Konomanyi, accusing Alie of marrying her while he was still married to another woman.

As the case continues to be regularly adjourned in the High Court, supporters of Alie Kabba accuse the government of political manipulation and using the Judiciary to score political goals.

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Meanwhile, Minister Diana Konomanyi appeared in court on Thursday, 14th July, to give evidence in the alleged “bigamy” case that she brought against her former husband.

Alie is a very strong voice on the SLPP opposition side that is seeking to replace an APC government, which is generally viewed as heavily corrupt and highly inept.