“Supporting documents were not submitted for the period 2006 to 2010 for the total amount of Le3,209,289,000,” the Auditor Report exposed.

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The report furthered that it was recommended that the Registrar should submit all relevant supporting documents to the auditors on receipt of the report.

In his response, the Registrar noted that the restructuring process of the PPRC by the GoSL and UNDP ended in May 2010.

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He said by June 2010 new staff recruited after the restructuring process commenced work and the new administration did not meet in place any financial system and traceable financial documents like vouchers, receipt books, cash book etc.

He however mentioned that that concern was raised to the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament and the Commission by the erstwhile Registrar of the PPRC.

He said that letters were sent to the then Registrar in relation to that issue in which ASSL was copied but he did not respond.

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“Subsequently, when they received the draft audit report efforts were made to contact them for further clarification but they did not respond, he further stated adding that financial documentations relating to the period July – December 2010 were now available for audit verification,” the registrar continued

But the Auditor insisted that during the verification, documents for the period 2006 to 2010 were not submitted for review.