The Chief Superintendent of Police Thomas Lahai  is no stranger to robbery, nor is he a stranger to the activities of robbers, whether armed or not. Some say the activities of robbers cannot be accomplished without the aid and assistance of some senior police officers in the country serving in what most of them have described as a “Force for Good”.

Sierra Leone Police Congo Cross Headquaters

Few years back, it would be recalled that when armed robbery was at its highest peak and doors and windows were broken into by armed men in police uniforms carrying AK47 riffles, it was AIG Lenghor that put to end their activities which brought respite to peaceful citizens of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Nobody knew that the brain behind the activities of the armed robbers; was a senior police officers until AIG Lenghor broke and busted the ring and unveiled what was concealed with blanket.

It would appear that history is about to repeat itself, but in a style that would be inconceivable. However, one name that is prominently surfacing either as an accomplice or supporter of this heinous crime is the Chief Superintendent of police Mr. Thomas Lahai of the Congo Cross Police Station.

Having spent years at the Police Headquarters going through police grooming to become a discipline police officer, but failed Superintendent Thomas Lahai has reverted to many ugly things. If he is not accused of harassing mobile phone companies to rehabilitate the Congo cross Police Station, he would be accused of aiding and abetting criminals who attacked peaceful citizens to take away what they have suffered to acquire. A case in point that has raised many eye browse is that of Francis Johnny who was ganged beaten up by five individuals whose designation and identity could best be described as “Armed Robbers”.

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Francis Johnny, a Satellite Dish Technician is currently languishing in the hands of the Police at the Congo Cross Police Station popularly referred to as the Centre for torture and other forms of violation of Suspects’ Rights. Despite Francis Johnny was beaten and sustained serious bodily injuries by his attackers at the Wilberforce Round about, he was arrested, detained and placed on handcuff at the Outpatient of the Connaught hospital. Treatments that are normally giving to convicts who are sick and admitted at the Government Hospital is what Francis Johnny is getting from Law Enforcement Officers. He has not been charged to Court or being convicted by any independent and constituted Court of Law, but suffering the consequences of police conspiracy. It all started at the Wilberforce Roundabout on Good Friday night when Mohamed Johnny was driving his Taxi cab and was stopped by five men who demanded that he should take them to Jui Junction. His refusal to accept them into his car or overload his car with the five unknown men angered one of them who started to rain insult on him and later grabbed him for a fight.

Alleged Suspect

Report states that the four others joined in the scuffle and started releasing punches on the driver on all parts of his body. “We are going to teach him a lesson” One of them was quoted as saying.

The attackers reportedly used razor blades and other sharp weapons to pierce his back. And forcefully entered his car where they catered away the sum of Le1, 500, 000 (One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Leones), a DVD laptop, some unknown amount of cash that was in the car, a car tape, a car battery and other valuable items in the car.

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Whilst trying to repel his attackers, Johnny hit one of them called Mohamed Kargbo who resides at the back of Bendu’s Guest House, Off Lumley Beach Road on his mouth, which resulted to him sustaining a deep cut. Mohamed Kargbo, one of the attackers report states, raised an alarm that he has been attacked by Johnny. This he did to gain sympathy from passers-by, including Okada Riders. Johnny was attacked again by Mohamed and other unknown persons who mercilessly gave him some more punches on his body and face.

He was whisked to the Congo Cross Police Station by Mohamed and his group where he was detained. Report states that although he tried to inform the police about his health status and how he was beaten and sustained several body injuries and wound, the Police could not listen to his own side of the story; instead they went ahead to issue a medical form to Mohammed one of his attackers, who claimed to be the Complainant in a case of assault. Mohammed is yet to produce the four other attackers.

Since his detention last Friday night, Johnny who was in pain reportedly collapsed twice while detained in police custody at the Congo Cross Police Station. “I don’t know how they brought me to Connaught Hospital on Tuesday,” he was quoted as saying to one of his relatives who paid him a visit at the Hospital. The Police Officer placed in charge of Francis Johnny at the Connaught Hospital to monitor him at the Outpatient Ward had placed him in handcuff and tied to his bed preventing him from using the toilet, with no food, no drinks and no medication giving to him.

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Apart from being sick, which needs medical attention, but primarily Francis Johnny was in handcuffed as a way to torture him so that he would consent to the crime of assault and wounding as orchestrated by Police under the command of Thomas Lahai, a crime he was conscious of not committing. The reverse of what transpired at the Wilberforce Roundabout is what the police are trying to turn against Francis Johnny.

The notorious Local Unit Commander at the Congo Cross Police Station, Chief Superintendent Thomas M. Lahai has claimed that the crime committed by Francis Johnny is felony, which warrants him to keep him in custody up to ten days. He said the police have completed their investigation and that all pieces of evidence are now available. CSP Lahai explained that the Police cannot charge the matter to court because the suspect is sick and admitted in Hospital. Johnny will be charged with the offence of grievous bodily harm whilst his attackers are walking the streets of Freetown in freedom because they have the backing and support of the Local Unit Commander of the Congo Cross Police Station.