The Corporate Affairs Director, Sierra Leone Police, Al Sheikh Kamara has confirmed to Parliament that the only threat they are facing as a security force in Sierra Leone is AL-Shabab threat.

AL-Shabab Fighters

He made this statement when the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs summoned the Leadership of the Sierra Leone Police.

AIG Alsheik continued that any country who intervened to curb their excess would be attacked and pointed out Ivory Coast as a case study.

‘Al Shaba threat is in the Mano River Union,’ the AIG said.

It could be recalled that Al-shaba attacked the Kenya Maul and Ivory Cost and Mali have also faced attacked from Alshaba.

The Chairman for the committee on Internal Affairs Hon PC Bai Kurr Kanagbaro Sanka 111said that government offices such as youyui building, state house and airport authority must be protected.

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He stated that there are so many doors in those places but there is no security in those places and that if anything happens they would have to blame police.

He went on to say that Sierra Leone has so many entering pointsand that when something happened in the country; the Police should be in charge

He asked how the police do their promotion, retirement, what are the criteria to enter the police force; how many vehicles the police have for the interior villages, how many police post they have and that if something happens how they can track down criminals.

The Inspector General of Police Francis Munu has said that in 2014 the Sierra Leone police was ranked the highest in term of corruption perception but that they cannot vow for the accuracy of the report.

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He explained that he is pleading with the police officers to be corrupt free.

Munu further stated that they have the police training school funded by UNDP and others and that the police equipment which people see is not to intimidate or scare them.

He said the SLP wants to do more but their resources are limited since parliament is the authorised.

He went on to say that since the outbreak of the Ebola they have not recruited any police personnel.

He said that the budget which they allocated to them they used it to pay salaries, buy uniforms, stationeries and to patrol at night.

He said that the retirement age of the Police is 60 years and that when they want to recruit police personnel they ask for three credits including English language.

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Hon Jusufu B Mansaray said Koribondo police station is faced with transportation issue and that there is no police post in the area.

Hon Alie Kalokoh said a lot of people have encroached in the slum areas and asked what the police are doing towards that.

Hon Dr Aiah Dabundeh asked if there is any internal or external threat in the nation. Hon Francis Amara Kaisamba said the regional commander at eastern region is ready to combat crime.

Francis Munu responded that he would make a point of duty to open the police post at Koribondo.