The Sierra Leone Parliament has summoned the Chairman of the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Nfa Alie Conteh to appear before it today, August 30th 2017.

Sierraloaded understands that the call is not unconnected to issues bothering on the March 2018 general elections, the effect of the recent mudslide on the election, amongst others.

Although it is not immediately clear what the call was meant for, but it comes a day after the House Majority Leader, Leonard Fofana suggested to his colleagues that a state of emergency was in the offing, which could affect the date for next March elections.

Earlier, there were unconfirmed reports that an emergency meeting was summoned by the President at State House last Friday in a move to use the recent mudslide as a basis for the postponement of the 2018 elections. However, the meeting was hit with deadlock as the NEC Chairman, rejected the offer and clearly stated his decision to go by the stipulated date for the elections.

It is believed that declaring a state of emergency would be the nearest alternative to compelled to postpone the 2018 elections until persons devastated by the landslide may have been relocated.