Over the years, the government of Sierra Leone through the Freetown City Council made series of efforts to ensure that the city is clean. This effort came in the form of laws.

Children Play In A Dirty Community

In addition to overcome this challenge, the government contracted a private cleaning company called Masada. Despite these efforts, the city is still filthy with garbage overflowing major drainage and streets in the city.

Despite Masada’s effort the fight against poor sanitation is still glaring, as a result the government through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in partnership with the Local Council is to re-introduce sanitary officers all over the country.

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According to the Minister of Health and Sanitation, Abu Bakarr Fofanah, this is to complement the government’s effort to put an end to the menace and ensure that major cities in the country keep up to quality sanitary conditions.

He also stated that this will reduce the congestion in hospitals as less people will fall sick and be admitted in the hospitals.

He added that a separate court will be set up to try and punish those who would be found wanting of throwing filth in restricted areas, such as public highways.

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Meanwhile, one of the areas in Freetown hugely affected by the filth is the Kroo Bay community, one of Freetown’s slums.

Members of this community blamed residents living up town and on the hill side of the city for throwing garbage directly into drainage s and openly on the streets. They alleged that the huge pile of garbage which settled in their community are the ones washed down by the rains during the raining season into the bay.

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The chief in the community, Pa Alimamy Kargbo Kabempa I, blamed Masada for not working in that part of the city. He said those on the hill side are the cause for the flooding at the Bay.

As he applauded government’s effort, he maintained that those appointed by the government to carryout certain responsibilities do not sometimes do their job.

Effort to talk to Masada on how they will collaborate to ensure that sanitary officers achieve their goal was not successful.