Authorities at the ECOWAS Commission headquarters in Abuja are in awe as to the failure so far of the Sierra Leonean government to conform to the directives of the Authority of Heads of States of ECOWAS with regards the nomination of new statutory appointee to the Commission.


Sources close to the sub regional body have confirmed to the Global Times that the government of Sierra Leone has still not come up with a new name to fill the statutory position allocated to the country as encapsulated in a recent communique issued after the 48th Ordinary Session of ECOWAS Heads of State and governments held in Abuja last December.

Among other things the Communique specifically states: “Furthermore, the Authority calls on Member States whose statutory appointees’ tenure are due to end in February 2016 to nominate new statutory appointees to complete the remaining two years until 2018 deadline.”

Eight of the nine countries including Nigeria, Mali, Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso Liberia among others affected by the order have all complied with the directive by nominating new appointees to the statutory positions. But Sierra Leone is yet to name the replacement of the current Commissioner for Finance, Haja Kadie Saccoh.

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The failure by government to act has prompted speculations that Haja Kadie Saccoh might have lobbied authorities in Freetown to retain her position in blatant violation of the ECOWAS order.

Haja Kadie Saccoh, like her colleagues from those countries also affected by the order was appointed in 2012 first as Commissioner of Finance and Administration. However, in less than a year, the administrative wing of her job was struck off leaving her with the Finance portfolio to date.

The former banker took over from the late ECOWAS Commissioner of Trade, Industry, Customs and Free Movement, Alhaji Mohamed Bashiru Daramy fondly called MBD after his demise in 2012 as Sierra Leone’s statutory appointee.