A government spokesman, Abdulai Bayraytay has assured Sierra Leoneans that government is ever ready to tackle any threat posed by Al-Shabab in the country.

Riot police move through the streets of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown

Speaking at the conference room of the Ministry of Information at Youyi Building last Thursday, Mr. Bayraytay said that this came as a result of a press release from the Office of National Security (ONS) which has been circulating on social media of an imminent threat of terrorist attack on hotels in the country.

“Ever since Al-Shabab made a threat following our deployment of troops in Somalia, the government hasn’t relented as we continue to beef up the security of the state,” he said.

Mr. Bayraytay said that the government is regularly meeting with hotel owners and some selected guest house owners to ensure that they follow security guidelines.

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“We continue to do that just so that events that are happening in Mali, Burkina Faso do not occur particularly after Sierra Leone had received threat because of our deployment of contingent of troops in Somalia.’ We don’t want to sit by without being proactive,” he added.

Mr. Bayraytay said that details of the security measures put in place would not be revealed but the Military, Police, ONS and every Intelligence Service Unit in the country continues to monitor every situation in order to avert any terrorist attack.