The Chairman, Sierra Leone Examinations Committee, Robert Murana vehemently condemned examination malpractice and vowed that the West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) will not condone exams corruption.

Students Writing WAEC

He made this disclosure as he called the extraordinary emergency meeting of exams committee representatives to order at the conference hall of WAEC Headquarters on Tower Hill, regarding the recent withholding of some WASCE results by the council.

Mr. Murana said the Sierra Leone Examinations Committee is made up of representatives of various education institutions, which sits once a year, but because of urgency to address the issue of exams malpractice which is on the increase, an urgent meeting was summoned to look into the matter, which is very crucial to Sierra Leone’s development.

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Acting Head of WAEC, Patrick Ndulu, informed media practitioners who served as observers, on the importance of the examinations committee, whose business is to deal with all exams irregularities as well as disciplines, noting that the lesser the cases of exams malpractice, the more it will be easy for council to conduct its activities unhindered.

Mr. Ndulu commended the National Primary School Examination (NPSE) for maintaining standards over the years to avoid exams corruption, as candidates observed with diligence the rules and regulations of external exams.

On a disappointed note, the acting head of WAEC disclosed that BECE malpractice has increased, noting that the just released results show that BECE exams corruption increased from 50 to 102, which is alarming, and this he said cannot be tolerated by the examination committee.

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Concluding, Patrick Ndulu maintained that WAEC has no intention to withhold results of examination candidates, but where there is suspicion of corruption, it is the business of the committee to investigate the matter and if any candidate is found wanting of exams fraud, he or she will face the law.

The committee informed observers that after critically deliberating into the matter of the recent WASCE exams fraud by some candidates, it will recommend genuine penalties to the International Final Awards Exams Committee and the International Exam Committee for Ratification for final investigations.