The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has embarked on cleaning Government payrolls and in a press release of May 25 asked Vote controllers and heads of departments and agencies to submit their actual certified staff lists.

Momodu Kargbo

The ministry will withhold the salaries of vote controllers and heads of departments/agencies who fail to provide the staff list of their various departments, according to the release.

“consequently, the salaries of Vote Controllers and heads of Departments/Agencies who have not submitted their certified staff list to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the Human Resource Management Office, will be withheld for the month of May 2016 until further notice,” the statement said.

“In the event that ‘Ghost workers’ or unauthorized staff is found on the payroll, the Vote Controller or heads of Department and Agencies will be personally held liable to refund the salaries to the Government Consolidated Revenue Fund,” the release stated.