Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, the former President of the Republic of Sierra Leone ?? has made new revelations about how the 2018 general elections in Sierra Leone was disrupted.

Koroma said this in his speech during a high-level meeting on Mitigating Disruptive Applications of Information, Communication and Technology on the Electoral process in Africa held at the Olusegun Obasanjo Library in Abeokuta, Nigeria, from 18-19th December, 2018.

Excerpts; “I listened to President Goodluck Jonathan last month, at his book launch in Abuja, recounting his ordeal of how his voting was disrupted by technology in the last elections here in Nigeria.

“Many of my compatriots back in Sierra Leone also reported similar disruptions during our March 2018 elections right from the verification to the polling day; either by having someone else’s photograph against their details on their voter card, or their photographs against someone else’s details, or their names not showing up in the centres they registered and where they were required to vote.

“These disruptions may appear as ‘minor’ technical hitches but they could undermine confidence to the extent that, at some point in our case, both the public and leaders demanded a recount of the results.

“Either way, the new trend clearly shows that hackers or vested interests have perfected their trade from mere information and propaganda attacks to techniques designed to more directly manipulate electoral processes and outcomes.

“The danger is that, if this awkward trend is not mitigated, voters will become frustrated and lose confidence in our democratic systems.

“It is therefore no longer acceptable to say that the people are able to participate in elections while their votes decide nothing- yet those with vested interest decide everything using rogue ICT applications.”