Minister of Education Minkailu Bah has said that the Sierra Leone education system “has failed”, and that this failure had led to a majority of the country’s current social issues.

Minkailu Bah

In an interview with local news reporters, Minkailu Bah said that everyone would accept the fact that the young people “on the streets” were once school students, and that the reason they had fallen into such a state was because of lapses in the education system.

“They are a part of the population which we failed to attend to. I believe the failure of the education system has to take the blame for the current depletion of ethics and moral values within our society,” Minkailu Bah said.

Now you are still wondering whether Dr. Minkailu Bah is still the Minister of Education, Science and Technology. Yes, he still is all these past six years. Either the man does not know how to do the job, or he doesn’t just care, but is only interested in the power, fame and money that the job gives to him, Says Patric Foryoh.

You then realize that the entire education landscape in the country is in a complete mess, from the primary, secondary to tertiary levels.

And the mess has all come under the watch of Dr. Minkailu Bah and yet sadly, President Ernest Bai Koroma still keeps pampering him so that he will continue to mess the country’s educational system further.