You risked your life to save your country yet our failed government didn’t pay any attention to save U back but God will reward U for that Isatu Bah. You only needed $10,000 to save your life (surgery bill) but oooh U ARE GONE FOREVER. Just imagine a patriotic sierra Leonean risking her life just to serve this country but the government cannot financially help save her life back ($10,000).

Isatu Bah

Oooh salone, our ministers are paid $5,000 per month and the ACC boss is paid $10,000 (the highest paid public servant in salone) but ooh God, they cannot save the lives of those defending this country.

If U can recall back, Isatu Bah, a 21 year old was a volunteer Nurse at the Makeni Government Hospital since the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. Isatu Bah volunteered to work at the makeni government hospital, a moment when most governmnt paid nurses/doctors flee from their duty afraid of contracting the ebola virus but patriotic,cheerful and promising Isatu Bah opted to come to the aid of her country by volunteering as a nurse and in the wake of this patriotic cause, she involved in a fatal accident as she sustained spinal injury..but this same country Isatu Bah risked her life serving failed to come to her aid when she got injured.

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Whilst on duty attending to patients that were admitted at the hospital on the 18th November last year 2014, she fell down the steps and sustained spinal injury. The spinal injury she sustained on that day was only discovered after an X Ray analysis was conducted in Freetown.

The doctor who analysed the X Ray stated that,Isatu needed to be flown out of Sierra Leone for an urgent surgery but guess what!!!! This failed government didn’t do anything to save her life though Isatu did all what she did to save her country.

Over $14,000,000 (Fourteen million USD) meant for d fight against ebola was embezzled BUT here is a patriotic citizen ISATU BAH that just needed $10,000 (Ten Thousand USD) to save her life after involving in a fatal accident while serving this country but our failed government cannot help her.

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We live in a country where our country watch patriotic citizens die without doing anything to save their lives.

According to a friend called Morlai, he spoke to her elder brother Abubakarr Bah,expressing his deepest condolence and making enquiring about the funeral service, but guess what!! The deceased brother said as i quote “she sustained the injury while serving this country,they cannot even call to sympathise with us…i even text the minister of health” RIP ISATU BAH