The Sierra Leone Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) last Friday unveiled a commemorative plaque in honor of 11 doctors killed by the Ebola virus disease.

Ebola Fallen Doctors Plaque

The plague bearing the names of all 11 fallen heroes was unveiled at a commemorative ceremony organised by the umbrella body of the country’s doctors with the attendance of the Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr Abubakarr Fofana, himself a doctor.

“Let us remember that they died for a just cause,” said Dr Don Davis, a senior member of the association, speaking at the ceremony in Freetown.

Overall Sierra Leone lost 221 health workers to the epidemic, among them the 11 doctors.

Doctor Davis said there were plans to organise similar memorial for the other health workers.

Fofana used his speech at the ceremony to call for the greater involvement of the SLMDA in the fight against any future epidemic.

Ebola Fallen Doctors Plaque 2

He also said the association’s involvement in the 2014 epidemic hardly met expectations.

Fofana also announced plans for a post graduate specialist medical college aimed at providing training opportunities for doctors and increase the specialist medical base of the country