Health authorities in the West African state of Sierra Leone have confirmed a case of lassa fever in the Kenema district in the east end of Sierra Leone.


The Secretary at Government hospital in Kenema told newsmen that the lady in question, Beindu Fofanah was referred to the Kenema hospital on July 17, pregnant.

Hospital sources told a local reporter that “she developed high fever while under treatment and later went into labour.”

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Following her delivery they noticed that she was bleeding profusely, which the doctor said was not common. Her blood samples was taken which came back positive for lassa fever.

Not too long the lady died, as a result all the nurses who helped to deliver her, about 11, were quarantined.

The Medical Superintendent in Kenema, Dr. Prince Masuba, informed local reporters that “the baby nor the 11 nurses are yet to show any signs and symptoms” of the disease.

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A team of health experts headed by the by the District Medical Officer has been dispatched to Daru in the Kailahun district, where the lady came from to check if there are other cases of the fever.

Lassa fever is a kind of epidemic caused by Lassa virus. The disease was first found in Lassa Village in Nigeria.