A Sierra Leonean boy identified Anthony Vardy has today threatened to commit murder after describing himself to have “no hope for the future”.

In a WhatsApp message revealed by BBC’s Umaru Fofona, Anthony, whose phone number ends with “o577” said that He will kill himself any time for repeatedly stating that He has “no hope”.

Although the source of Anthony’s loss of Hope could not be ascertained at moment, Observers has linked his plight to the current economic situation in the country.

Commenting on his story, Senesie Amara wrote: “This is as much an advanced “Early warning sign” about pending events to follow as the present spate violence among our misused and abandoned youthful population. There has been an increase in hitherto suicide rate on the grounds of lack of livelihood. Youths that lack economic opportunities are vulnerable to the present “Middle East syndrome.”
Bot n t dem nor dae yeri?”

Meanwhile, One Ishmeal Alfred has reportedly spoke with Anthony with a view of saving him. “I will have our professional counselors to counsel him and provide him with Risk of harm guardian.”, He wrote