Kerry Town Ebola Treatment Center, a center built by UK Aid using over a million pounds of British Taxpayers’ money at Kerry Town in the Western Area Rural District has been abandoned and has been free for thieves and as a resting place for goats.

Kerry Town Ebola Centre

The Kerry Town Center came to existence shortly after Ebola struck Sierra Leone and neighbouring Guinea and Liberia, killing thousands, affecting tens of thousands while also making homeless countless number of Sierra Leoneans.

However, and being Sierra Leone’s colonial masters, the British was forced to come to the aid of Sierra Leone thus humanly withdrawing from its taxpayers’ money huge chunk to enable the establishment of the now abandoned/dumped Ebola Treatment Center as their contribution in the fight against a disease that almost wipe Sierra Leone from the face of the earth.

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Recent visit at the Center by this press reveals how the Sierra Leone government and, of course, the department charged with the responsibility of the health of Sierra Leoneans have woefully cast off the so huge an investment just when the British left, leaving same at the impulse of thieves carting away with batteries and solar panels from lights in the center.

Some of the structures are now the place used by goats for rest even as they feed on the grasses found growing in the center.

Mohamed Kargbo who identified himself as one of the unpaid securities at the center said: “ever since the British pulled out, the center has been left unattended and that on number of occasions there have been attacks by unknown robbers and the carting away of valuables from the center just like that.”

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“Complaints of theft have been made to the Tombo Police Station but no effort has been made by way of investigation or getting at whosoever may have involved in such uncalled for attitudes.”

Our findings are that the Kerry Town Treatment Center prior to the departure of the British was directly under Save The Children but was handed to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation after Ebola was declared free.

Unconfirmed report states that the current Deputy Minister of Health, Madam Zulainatu Cooper, collected one of the ambulances assigned to the center at a time she was the District Ebola coordinator and until now she hasn’t returned it.

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Saidu Kamara who claimed to be a security at the center said he was employed by one Miss Bawoh Kamara, Headwoman of Kerry Town, but confirmed he has not been receiving salary ever since he was employed six months ago.

It is revealed also that lands surrounding the Kerry Town Treatment Center have been grabbed and sold to people. “My fear,” a resident of Kerry town who asked for his name not to be mentioned said, “is for the center not to be sold too.”