Reports are that the Sierra Leone first lady, Sia Nyama Koroma seems eyeing the ruling All People Congress’s second highest position- Running mate.

They say Sia is of the belief she is in a strong and unique position to become the APC next Vice President for the fact that she is popular from among the Konos.

Findings state also that the Konos prefer Sia as a better option than any of the party’s considered vice presidential candidate come 2018.

That apart from her popularity from among the Konos, she is the daughter of one of Sierra Leone’s most influential political leaders ever in the history of the district.

It is true a group dubbed Kono District Advisory Committee (KONAC) recently took upon themselves in recommending the present Minister of Lands, Diana Khonomanyi, to President Koroma for running mate.

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Many in Kono believed that Diana Konomanyi and Logus Koroma are the people behind the expulsion of the elected Vice President, Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam Sumana from the APC, which incidentally culminated to his sacking as the country’s Vice President.

But sources say Kono People prefer Sia to Diana Konomanyi as the next APC running mate, even though they are of the opinion that she had failed influencing her husband, President Koroma, not to sack her Kono brother, the erstwhile Vice President.