Paramount Chief Sheku Magba111 may soon find himself in a state of regret. His lashing on the ruling APC party as a national governance body that is depriving Paramount Chiefs from utilizing their God giving resources to develop their Chiefdoms would be reversed by him, when he would have been referred to either the Sierra Leone Police or the Anti Corruption Commission for further investigation and likely prosecution in the Court of Law.


“The Chieftaincy Act is very explicit to criminal offences and violations committed by Paramount Chiefs and other traditional leaders” Were the words reportedly quoted by the Minister of Local Government, Hon. Maya Kaikai when he learnt about the alleged criminal behavior of Chief Sheku Magba 111 perpetuated against a foreign Company that has come to Sierra Leone to establish and undertake mining activities.

Paramount Chief Sheku Magba 111 has acknowledged in an interview with this medium that he received the sum of US$50,000 from the foreign Company. The money he described was a shake hand extended to him by the Company, but on the document he signed in receipt of the money, there was no paragraph in the agreement that mentioned “shake hand” or states that the money he received from the Company was a shake hand.

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What is stated in the agreement signed prior to receiving the money is that the money was meant for the 5,000 acres of land that the Company was going to utilize for mining purpose. It is not known when the Chieftaincy Act or the 1991 National Constitution makes provision for US$50,000 payable as shake hand by foreign or local Companies to Paramount Chiefs.

Paramount Chief Sheku Magba 111, would want officials of the Ministry of Local Government to believe that the money was a shake hand for the 5,000 acres of land that never materialized.

On receipt of the letter of Complaint from the Company named “Omega”, the Minister, Hon. Maya Kaikai was annoyed to learn that one of his Paramount Chiefs had exhibited a behavior that is akin to criminality “This could lead to his suspension” He remarked, and went on “The Chieftaincy Act is very clear, so with the “Code of Conduct” for Chiefs.

Sources close to the Minister’s Office have confirmed to this medium that a directive from the minister has been giving to the Permanent Secretary and Deputy Minister to summon Chief Sheku Magba111 to the Office of Local Government to explain about the transaction that has now become very scandalous and negatively hitting hard on the reputation of the Chief.

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“If the Paramount Chief is found culpable I will hand him over to the Police or the Anti Corruption Commission” The Minister was quoted to have said. It has been the sole and primary responsibility of the Ministry of Local Government to protect the image of Paramount Chiefs in the Country, but in the event that Chiefs are caught behaving contrary to the ideals and objectives of the Chieftaincy Act and Code of Conduct, the protection enjoyed by them would not be necessary any longer. This may be the situation that PC Sheku Magba has found himself and if not careful may lead to severe consequences.

Meanwhile, it is not known when he would respond to the summon by the Minister of Local Government.