The Minister of Water Resources, Mr. Momodu Malakie, has disclosed that the Guma Valley Dam which is the main source of the Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) has dropped five feet as compared to former years.

Water Crisis In Sierra Leone

In an exclusive interview with the Water Resource Minister, he disclosed that the Mile 13 Dam, Babadorie Reserve, Sugar Loaf, Allan Town, Charlotte and Wellington catchment areas within the Peninsular and its environs have all dried up save the dam at Grafton managed by the China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) (SL) Limited.

Mr Momodu Malakie furthered that the Government would soon start demolishing houses in all catchment areas Freetown and its environs to prevent further problems, adding that the Guma facility would soon be rehabilitated, as well as the Rokel Dam and the boreholes across the country with funds from the Government of the Peoples Republic of China.

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The Water Resources Minister disclosed that Freetown alone consumes 76,000 cubic meters per day but owing to shortage of water, it was rationed to meet the demands people in the eastern and western parts of the capital especially where the water pressure could not allow the water to reach.

Mr. Malakie made those revelations at the Ministry of Information and Communications’ last press briefing at Youyi Building last Thursday.