Pikin Bizness, a Non-Governmental Organization set up in 2001 with the purpose of helping vulnerable children with heath problems has been successful in rescuing seven children with hole in the heart after successful surgeries in different hospitals abroad.

Saving Children

The organization was founded by three dedicated philanthropist: Adonis Abboud Chief Executive, Barbara Bangur and Shelack Sunny Davies.

Meet the seven children that are now living happily after their surgeries.

Abubakarr Jalloh
Abubakarr Jalloh was 6 years old in 2005 when he was diagnosed with a health problem. He was admitted at Neckers’ children’s Hospital in Paris. His open heart surgery was successful.
Today he is doing extremely well at the St. Edwards Secondary School. Abubakarr is now 16 years old. His mother is a widow as the father died some years ago. As part of its routine post operation case, Pikin Bizness is still contributing to his schooling and welfare.

Ehizogie Ighobor
In 2003 he was taken to Banjul the Gambia, Dakar, Ghana all in a desperate attempt to get him in good health.This boy and his mother were flown to Paris where he successfully had an operation in 2006 to repair his heart with the help of Pikin Bizness.

Lynda Bangura
Lynda was the first girl and the third patient flown to France for the same open heart surgery by Pikin Bizness.Lynda was flown to France, after foreign based partner Mr. David Applefield had concluded all arrangement. She was accompanied by a Canadian journalist Amanda on board Brussels Airlines. Her operation was done in October 2006 in George Pompidou Hospital and was in France for a period of three (3) months while she recovered. After which, she returned home accompanied by the Chairman of Pikin Bizness Dr. Adonis Abboud.

Alie Kamara
Alie was admitted at the Connaught Hospital for about a year and half in ward 3. He was
flown overseas in 2008 for an immediate opened heart surgery at George Pompidou hospital in France. After the operation, he continued schooling at the St. Edwards Secondary School, May Park Kingtom. He has completed SSS 3 and wants to further his education at a higher level.

Amadu Bella Bah
Bella Bah was the youngest and fourth that was flown to France for heart surgery as well. She was born on the 17 March 2006. She too was diagnosed of suffering from a hole in the heart. This little girl faced a disease that even adult find it difficult to live with. Bella was one of many toddlers who were unfortunate to be born in a country that lacks advance medical equipment and poor health care facilities to detect anomalies in pregnant women before giving birth. The timely intervention of Pikin Bizness saved this child. She was also flown to France for the operation and had the opportunity to live a healthy life after the operation.

In May 2007, she was operated upon through a procedure known as Cauterization, one of the latest scientific medical breakthroughs which replace a surgical intervention. Because Bella did not go through an open heart surgery her stay in France was short compared to the past cases. Bella was accompanied by her mother to and from Paris and she is now going to school.

Annette Sam
She was eight years old at the time she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease call Patent Ductus Arteriosus by Dr. Olu-Black. Annette was the first daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Brixton Sam. Both parents are teachers. A. Yazbeck one of the sponsors bought the air tickets for both the child and the mother. They were flown to Frankfurt, Germany on the 9th September 2007 and the operation was done successfully. According to his email, Mr. Abboud said that his friends in Switzerland and Germany are ready to foot all medical cost for the child. At the age of 6 Annette Sam founded the Heart Foundation in her school in USA were she raised an amount of $500 which was donated to Pikin Bizness for their tremendous work in saving children’s lives. This amount was presented by her father to Pikin Bizness.

Joshua Campbell
After continuous visit to various clinics with no improvement, Mrs Mimi Coker called PB Chairman to seek assistance for Joshua, sought the help of Pikin Bizness. He was referred to the Pikin Bizness Consultant Dr. Olu Black who diagnosed and confirmed that Joshua was indeed suffering from congenital heart disease (Hole in the Heart). Joshua could hardly smile, couldn’t play like other children and couldn’t eat properly. In 2014 the process of sending Joshua to Paris started. In November 2015 Joshua was flown to Paris where a successful operation was done. After spending (6) weeks with his foster parent, He flew back to Freetown on 9thJanuary 2016 with a new life, full of energy, smiling and laughing like he never did. Joshua is the 7th patient that Pikin Bizness funded who had gone through this operation successfully at the famous French NECKER HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN in PARIS.