Police chief in eastern ‪Sierra Leone‬ says he’s reinforced his troops in Kono ahead of the return today of the suspended mayor, Saa Emerson Lamina.

Saa Emerson Lamina 2

AIG Alfred Karrow-Kamara told me that they would not allow any procession anywhere in the district because of security concerns.

Mayor Lamina told Umaru Fofona that he was already on his way to Koidu and would hold a show ride and a walkabout in the municipality before going to his house.

Reports say thousands of enthusiastic supporters are readying themselves to receive the man they voted for in 2012 but was suspended by the then local government minister, Diana Konomanyi on the authority of the president some two months ago alleging misappropriation of public funds pending an investigation.

He has vehemently denied the allegations saying they were politically motivated by officials of the ruling party – which he is a member of. Reports say he’s been investigated and nothing incriminating found against him.