The Head Mistress of the Seventh Day Adventist Lower Primary School in Bo, Madam Gladys B. Hindowa, has given out scholarship to ten pupils who got 300 and above in the just released National Primary School Examination.


Speaking at the presentation ceremony at the SDA school ground yesterday, Madam Gladys Hindowa said “I want to thank God first of all for what He is doing for the school and the provision to help the children doing well in the school. This is not the first time that I am giving out scholarships.”

According to her, since she became the head of the school which is more than six years she vowed that she will support the children doing well in school through the staff and her family members, adding that “her husband and our children have not let her than to provide the support to help the pupils in the school.”

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Madam Hindowa said they started off with five pupils and the number is growing and that they are now giving ten scholarships, noting that while giving the scholarship the current class six pupils assured them that the in next NPSE more than ten will do well.

She went on to say that she paid for the entire academic year for the pupils and gave learning materials including pen, ledger books, erasers, pen, pencils and encouraged the beneficiaries to treat their academic work with the seriousness it deserves and that the parents should monitor their children and continue to support them.

Madam Hindowa said that she has realized that pupils that passed through her school are now in secondary school and are doing well, adding “I want to thank the teachers for their relentless effort in making sure that the children do well in the public exam.”

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Martin Sahr, an Inspector of Schools from the Ministry of Education said “I am again happy to witness the presentation of another (batch of) scholarships which has been a tradition by the Headmistress to give scholarship to pupils who do well in NPSE exam, and the education ministry lauds the initiative of Madam Hindowa to support the pupils for their hard work in the public exam.”

He said that inasmuch as the headmistress and her family are helping the pupils, the pupils also have their own responsibility to ensure that they go to school, ensure they study, instead of watching films at night and the parents to monitor their children and continue to support them to achieve education.

The Chairman of the Community Teachers Association, Patrick S.K Coomber, said that the children have to work hard to get a grade in NPSE so that they can benefit from the scholarship, adding “I am happy that the teachers prepared the children very well for the NPSE and the parents need to be lauded for ensuring that their children study at home.”

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“I am again happy that a girl was among the pupils that have been given scholarship and that in fact the girl scored the highest grade which is 329 and I want in the next NPSE exam to see more girls receiving scholarship,” the CTA chairman said, adding that “as parents we are glad to hear that there was 100% passes in the past NPSE exam.”

The Education Secretary of Seven Days Adventist Mission in Bo, Alfred Squire, commended the beneficiaries for putting the school on the academic map, noting that the SDA school did very well as there was a small difference between the best pupil in NPSE exam nationwide and the grade that the pupil at SDA got, and advise parents to send their children to school to take care of their old age.

Beneficiaries of the scholarship thanked Madam Hindowa for supporting them and assured her that they will measure up to her expectation.