Police at the Adelaide Street Police Station in Freetown have issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the Proprietor of Hillance International Secondary School at A. Janet Street Kingtom, Mr. Sabastain Hilance based on report made against him of allegedly obtaining monies by false pretence from school pupils that were supposed to take the Government May/June 2017 West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

It will be recalled that on diverse dates, pupils from various departments/streams approached the Proprietor of the said school to facilitate their applications for the Government (WASSCE) Examination.

According to the pupils, the said school Proprietor accepted their applications by asking them to produce their Basic Education Certificate Exams (BECE) with attachment of scratch card.

Global Times reports that Mr. Hilance demanded them to pay school fees and other expenses that sum up to a total of seven hundred and fifty thousand Leones per pupil.

The pupils confirmed to the Global Times that all required documents including the total sum were allegedly presented to Mr. Hilance and he assured them of taking the exams at the school, no receipts were said to have been issued to them to confirm payments.

On the day of the exams, they said they went to the school campus and no (WASSCE) was conducted at the Hilance International Secondary School.

Upon investigation, the pupils said the Proprietor deliberately failed to tell them the truth by not presenting their names to (WAEC). They did not take the exams and up until now their monies have not refunded by Mr. Hillance.

In an interview with the Proprietor, Mr. Hilance admitted to the fact that indeed the pupils paid the said sum to him for the May/ June 2017 (WASSCE) examination at his school.

According to Mr. Hilance, after receiving the required documents and payments from the pupils, he presented the list of names to (WAEC) and upon verification by (WAEC) fake results of these pupils were detected and they were disqualified from taking the said exams.

He said he has called on those that were affected to a meeting but none of them showed up, but later went on radio and television and assured the pupils of refunding their monies at the re-opening of schools.

Mr. Hilance stated that even the Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police (IG) Francis Allieu Munu is aware of the matter.

He said he is aware of the Police bench warrant but will not report for lack of trust in the Police as he recalled at a time when his school Principal reported on police invitation and was detained.

Reports further say that the Hillance International Secondary School has been banned by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and WAEC from taking national exams on allegations of fraud and mal-practices