In a disturbing tone, Speaker of the Parliament of Republic of Sierra Leone, Hon. Sheku BB Dumbuya has reacted to local media reports calling on him to account for monies allegedly provided to him as Constituency Development Fund (CDF) back then when he was an ordinary MP representing consistency 100, Western Urban area.


Speaking to Trumpet Newspaper in a telephone chat on Monday 5th September 2016, Hon. SBB Dumbuya asked what he did wrong to the reporter for picking on him and described the report asking him to explain how he used monies for his constituency as ‘reckless,’ arguing that this press could have first tried to find out from him whether he had received CDF at all.

However, when this press put it to him that his office was contacted for a response from him and that one of his assistants refused to divulge his contact number until after this press used other means to reach him with a text message containing the request for interview, the Speaker expressed that the story could have been put on hold arguing that there are other MPs, so why only him.

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“I did not receive one cent from that money. I was elected Speaker in January 2014. They started giving CDF in 2014 but that was about six months later. I did not get one cent from the CDF,” stressing that although he likes journalists, they must learn to first verify their information.

“Why pick on SBB Dumbuya when there is a constituency representative? You are picking on me. People called me when I was in a Commonwealth meeting out of the country. You should have called and checked if I did receive this money,” he said.

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Mr. Speaker when confronted on his mantra: ‘to thyself be true’, he said: “I do reflect that in whatever I do. I did not get one cent from that money.

This is disgraceful, supposing they write a rejoinder on that; it will look funny to your credibility. For the sake of credibility you must say what is factual.

This was sensationalism. When people see it they buy it but when they read it; it does not reflect the fact, this is not a fine thing to do.”

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Apparently, when this press reiterated its stance and point of view that prior to his assumption to the office of the Speakership what did he do with monies that he received as CDF, the Speaker said: “No; I did not get one cent of it. Go to the Account General’s Office, go to the Clerk let them tell you.

I had left the seat of MP before these monies were given. I did not get one cent of it. I was not entitled to it and so I could not have received it. You don’t know me, that’s why. I don’t like it and it ought not to happen like this. This is my side of the story now. I did not get one cent of it; one cent I did not receive.”