After the high court of Sierra Leone vacated the frivolous application for injunction and postponement of the runn-off elections by I. S. Koroma a rabid APC apologist, the two contenders Maada Bio and Samura Kamara had a meeting with NEC and the international community at the Radisson Hotel. The purpose of the meeting was to figure out when the run-off elections should be conducted.

Brig (RTD.) Julius Maada Bio agreed with NEC’s time table of March 31 for the run-off elections but to the consternation of even the international observers, Dr Samaura Kamara the APC candidate, asked that the run-off be deferred for three months.

The questions on the lips of everyone in the room was why would Dr. Samura Kamara ask for such deferral. Our investigative reporter decided to investigate the reason.

Our investigative reporter discovered that President Ernest Koroma has been harassing some business tycoons, who are considered part of a mafia group to cough up $30 million to finance Dr Samura Kamara’s campaign, bribe Sam Sumana and Nfa Ali Conteh. President Koroma is said to have threatened the group of business people that they risk losing all the deals they have if they do not fund Dr. Samura Kamara and bribe Sam Sumana and Nfa Ali Conteh.

President Koroma believes that is the only way Samura Kamara can win. The business tycoons told President Koroma that they need two months to raise the funds and then another month to help bribe Sam Sumana and Nfa Ali Conteh. Thus the three months request.

The lack of funds from other APC stalwarts are now less willing to fund the failing APC campaign and this has made President Koroma extremely worried and anxious. Sources at State Lodge tell us they usually see President Koroma pacing up and down his living room talking to himself like someone with bi-polar mental disease.

The business tycoons and the deals they struck with President Koroma recently amount to about $1 billion or 8 Trillion Leones in contracts signed from December 2017 to March 2018. The contracts and the recipients include but not limited to:

CRSG Chinese Company Toll Road—-$200 million

Hisham Mackie: Electric Ship—–$300 million

Sahr Gegba and Haj Fawaz: Ports Extension—$50 million

Chinese Mamamah Airport—–$300 million

Mahmoud: Military Uniforms—-$50 million

Chinese Trawlers—-$50 million signed by Samura Kamara

A senior civil asked who was shown the evidence of these deals said she has been fasting since March 1st for the defeat of the APC because another five year term will be a disaster for the country.