Former disgraced Vice President and later flagbearer of the C4C political party has reportedly received $2 million dollars from former President Ernest Koroma in Makeni yesterday, Friday 4th January 2018.

The $2 million dollars was agreed as a consolation from President Koroma for Sam Sumana to return to the APC and lead the Party in the 2023 elections. After 30 minutes of closed door meeting between former President Koroma and Sam Sumana it was also revealed that Sam Sumana will resign from the C4C party in the next six months and part of the $2 million dollars will be used to buy C4C supporters in kono to join APC.

The visit by Sam Sumana and the leadership offer has angered supporters of Dr Samura Kamara who have started insulting Ernest Koroma on social media. One Abu Kamara said “Ernest is a wicked leader who wants to destroy APC. Samura is popular in the Party and now he wants to dump the man for Sam Sumana who took money from the APC for the second rounds but failed to declare for us. We will resist Ernest Koroma and chase him out of this Party so he can go back to PDP.”

Many C4C members have also reacted angrily to the visit of Sam Sumana to Makeni. Sahr Jabbie said “Sam Sumana is a shameless man. With all the disgrace and embarrassment Ernest Koroma put him through how can he sell his soul for $2 million dollars. Kono will never vote APC and C4C members will join SLPP than vote for Sam Sumana. He is a betrayal and cheap politician.”