The elected but sacked Sierra Leone Vice President, Alhaji Sam Sumana has said that Tam Bayoh, a popular Sierra Leonean journalist turned politician, is a “BIG TIME SNITCH”.

Sumana’s allusion came shortly after Tam’s recent appointment as publicity secretary in the ruling All People Congress (APC) Kono executive.

“I never knew a man such as Tam Bayoh, a well respected public figure, one who has earned himself a place in the history books of journalism, could come so low in making himself a public ridicule by accepting executive position in a party he oftentimes accused of having persons full of corrupt politicians,” Sam Sumana irritatingly stated following a telephone discussion with the New Age press.

He said Tam’s regretful membership in the APC has left him with no option but shouted “Lord, Lord, how have this world given to deceit and lying!”

That he was down and out of breath and so was number of his Kono brothers and sisters too.

It is true Tam is one of Sierra Leonean journalists that had constantly condemned the ruling APC for sacking a whole elected Vice President in the person of Sam Sumana.

He has in the past consistently propagated information of corruption and governance inefficiency of the APC.

And at one point even visited Sam Sumana in his self exile abode in Ghana, where incidentally he has lived for over two years now.

Tam’s membership in the APC shocked many Sierra Leoneans, with considerable number now accusing him of betraying society’s trust.

They say his acceptance of the position of publicity secretary in the APC is a complete misdirection and total failure.