Salome Jones Hydes, founder of Friends of Sierra Leone on Monday encouraged the management and staff of the Sierra Leone Housing Corporation (SALHOC) to take cautious measures as diabetes is on the increase.


In a dialogue meeting held at the main office of SALHOC at Siaka Stevens Street, Madam Jones Hydes informed the management and staff of SALHOC that diabetes is a sickness of the nerve and has so many risks attached to it if not prevented.

While educating staff of SALHOC, Madam Jones- Hydes revealed that one of the core objectives of her organisation is to see an increase in the life span of Sierra Leoneans.

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“We are advocating for Sierra Leoneans to live long because according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) by 2030 Sierra Leone will have the worst cases of diabetes and we don’t want to continue seeing those negative statistics about the health status of Sierra Leoneans,”  she warned.

She further highlighted the symptoms and some of the risks attached to diabetes; among those risks she commented on were blindness, impotent, amputation, heart disease, kidney damage and death.

“If you experience that you are drinking too much water, urinating faster, infections, thinness, blood vision and general weakness you should take immediate measures to consult your doctors as these are some of the symptoms of diabetes,” she added.

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Sister Salome Jones Hydes encouraged staff to have more intakes of protein and vitamins, noting that the consumption of more carbohydrates will create a room for the disease.

Madam Buga- Kamara, Manager at SALHOC applauded Madam Salome and her team for such educative dialogue, adding that an efficientmanagement requires a healthy staff.

In her concluding statement, Madam Buga- Kamara admonished her staff to take the sugar test which was done by the team of the friends of diabetes.