Sierra Leone has recently been through an ordeal regarding the news of the spoiled chicken approximately two weeks ago. Since then, the sales of chicken decreased rapidly. No one is buying the chicken, leaving traders and businesses with unsold products.

Rotten Chicken

Since the news of the spoiled chicken occurred, many of the traders and businesses have suffered financially. Now some of them go day by day with cases of chickens and only little to none are sold, making almost no profit. While many people miss chicken like me, they are also worried about risking their health. Today, with my partner we walked down to Sani Abacha Street and were able to talk to some traders regarding their sales of chicken.

Mohamed Serry Kamal, a local trader around the district says “Since this problem occurred, we have not been able to sell chicken. Before I had two boxes of chicken but since ten days have passed and the chicken is not sold, the boss has returned the boxes back. As for the prices, they are still the same.”

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As he is explaining, he is showing us the Coleman filled to the rim with parts of chicken, chicken gizzards and chicken sausages. He also explains that the decreased sales of chicken have not only cost him lack of income but his family is suffering as well, particularly his children because they depend on the sales of the chicken for survival.

It has been almost two weeks since the news of spoiled chicken has occurred and the traders and businesses are suffering in sales. While we continue to await more news regarding the spoiled chicken, the company “Pee Cee and Sons” have provided us with a note on their behalf:

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“The management of Pee Cee and Sons wishes to inform the general public that the chicken that was dumped was not their product. Pee Cee & Sons is the sole importer of Simmons Chicken product, which is halal and a popular brand from the USA.

“Simmons Chicken has also been certified by the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation as fit and safe for human consumption. We hereby assure the general public to buy Simmons chicken which is of a quality and tasty product available in marketplaces, shops and supermarkets across Sierra Leone.”