The chaos in Sierra Leone football is far from over as ousted FA boss Isha Johansen breaks her silence after the dissolution of her executive by one of the top sports bodies in the country, the Nations Sports Council.

Isha Johansen-FIFA

A defiant Johansen has asked that she be given more time to carry out her plans for Sierra Leone football and that the dissolution of her executive will only lead to more problems with the sport’s ruling bodies Fifa and Caf.

“I would urge every well meaning Sierra Leonean be you a football lover or otherwise to fully understand the consequences of what a full exclusion from FIFA and CAF would mean not just for our teams and football, but for the nation,” Johansen pleaded in her statement inside

“We at SLFA ask for one simple thing – allow us to create a culture of good governance and give us the opportunity to let the people of Sierra Leone experience and be proud of national football at its best,” she added.

World football body Fifa has qualified the dissolution as political interference and has issued an ultimatum for Johansen to be reinstated by 16 December or the country will be banned from all international competitions, including clubs.

“Striving to retain independence has been a huge challenge and has made the Sierra Leone football industry the focus of much international and national disapproval, disappointment, and mockery,” Johansen lamented.

However, the director of the NSC remains defiant and has rebuffed Fifa’s ultimatum.