By Joseph Milton Lebbie

I will not be surprised to wake up one morning and hear on the radio and read in the newspapers that Moijueh Kaikai has been re-appointed to another higher ministry or to an Ambassadorial position.

Even if I hear again that Mustapha Bai Atilla has been re-appointed as Finance Minister or Ambassador to the USA, it will never be surprising because I have observed that President Koroma sacks Ministers only to re-appoint them to fatter positions, a situation which makes me wonder why they were sacked.

Alimamy Petito Koroma was sacked from his position as Minister of Works, Housing and Infrastructure and after sometime, re-appointed as Ambassador to China.

Kemoh Sesay was dismissed from his position as Minister of Transport and Aviation following the cocaine scandal but was later re-appointed as Minister of Political Affairs and now Minister of Works.

Afsatu Kabba who has now been appointed as Sierra Leone High Commissioner to Nigeria was sacked from her position as Minister of Energy following the Income Electrix Saga.

Alleged rapist, Mahmoud Tarawallie, was dismissed from his position as Deputy Minister of Education after being accused of raping a university student. Now that same Mahmoud Tarawallie is the Deputy Minister of Lands.

So, those Ministers and Deputy Ministers who have been sacked by His Excellency must not be too worried as they may be re-appointed to higher positions at any given time. They may have just been sent on holidays after so much work.

I know APC to be a party that does not easily dump their supporters, no matter the gravity of the crime they commit. The President and the party would just punish them by temporarily dismissing them to satisfy the public that, at least, action has been taken against them.

But is it for a President to dismiss a Minister today and re-appoint the same Minister to a higher or more lucrative position the following day? If the President knew that such a Minister was not totally dispensible, why did he have to dismiss him or her in the first place?

The dangerous aspect of such a behavior on the part of the President is that other Ministers will be emboldened to violate laws, knowing very well that if the President dismisses them today, he will re-appoint them to more fertile positions the next day.