Sierra Leoneans seem fed up with the current Inspector General of Police, Francis Alieu Munu, and have asked for his unconditional sacking.


Such a call, we are told, is seen by government as in place, and that moves are underway for a complete overhauling and restructuring of the Sierra Leone Police.

The call for the sacking of IG Munu has come at a time the police has recorded over 8 police killings perceived as unprofessionally disregarding the universally prescribed rules of engagement- shooting the unarmed and from the back.

“Munu has been bias in the issuing of Police Permits for peaceful protests in the country,” citizens claimed.

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References are drawn to number of occasions including Supreme Court’s ruling in the matter between Sam Sumana Vs Others, which has seen handful of people as led by the now Minister of Information and Communication, Mohamed Bangura and the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Ibrahmin Washingai Mansaray, in the full view of the public processing streets of Freetown without permit, but nothing was seen done to them as usually the case.

That in the same vein, people found protesting in Kono, saw the police arresting and incarcerating them in smelly police cells on the orders of IG Munu, but were released after weeks of advocacy.

Revelations are that IG Munu has reached the age of retirement, but continues inhabiting office of the Inspector General even though many of his mates have complied as by law and rules mandated.

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Cries having IG Munu go, and the fact that President Koroma was out of the country when the Police killed two young people in Kabala, pissed him (President Koroma) whom, we are told, has resolved sacking the IG anytime now.

They say the President is irritated over enormous embarrassments as caused by the police, which over the years, has seen international and local human right organizations tagging Sierra Leone as doing things in opposition to internationally acclaimed laws and conventions.

However, reports unconfirmed indicate that IG Munu, his Deputy and two senior officers will soon be shown the exit doors.