Rumors making rounds on social media has indicted a former Head Of State of Sierra Leone, Valentine Strasser with death.

Unconfirmed rumors says the former junta leader died few hours ago.

However, BBC reporter Umaru Fofona has debunked the rumors stating that Strasser is “alive and well”.

Captain Valentine Strasser was a junior military who in 1992 became the world’s youngest Head of State when he seized power three days after his 25th birthday.

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He was the leading member in a group of six young Sierra Leonean soldiers who overthrew president Joseph Saidu Momoh in the 29 April 1992 military coup. They established a military junta called the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC).

Valentine Strasser

On January 1996, after nearly four years in power, Strasser was ousted in a second military coup, but this time it was his own NPRC soldiers who were not satisfied with his handling of the peace process. The coup was led by his deputy, Brigadier General Julius Maada Bio.

Meanwhile, reactions has been trailing is alleged death. Abubakar Barrie wrote:, “Valentine Strasser’s fall cannot be a small one whether dead or alive.
In his condition some people would prefer to leave this world early and wait in Sheol for judgment to be passed.
If anything he lost his confidence very quickly in this life.
In othe words he gave up too early counting himself unworthy to live with high society.
He could have been basking in his achievement as Chairman of the NPRC and head of state of the Republic of Sierra Leone but not him.
He preferred to spend time with the lowly of society spending hours playing draught at Grafton while imbibing gallons and gallons of the.local poyo.
He got himself attached to a sowei whom he took as his common law wife. May God have mercy on him.”