Staff and Administration of the Government Secondary School in Koyeima, were on Tuesday February 2, 2016 awoken by a ruckus that turned out to be a student strike.

Koyeima Government Seconday School

During the night strike, the school pupils rushed and vandalized properties belonging to the school and staff.

Personal properties belonging to teachers residing on the campus and school properties were either carted away or damaged. The boys vented their anger by smashing window glasses, damaging chairs and tearing apart doors to the rooms of their teachers.

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The students alleged they are not been properly taken care of at the third government boarding home school in the Southern region.

“They deprive us of many facilities and we have complained many times to the administration without anything been done to address our condition,” stated the Senior Prefect of the school, Michael I. Kpandeveh.

He added that they are not properly fed and they lack basic provisions and toiletries.

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He charged, “But we see them transporting things meant for us to Bo.”

He concluded: “Our teachers too do not teach us effectively and that is why we are not performing well in public exams.”

The 18 days-in-office Acting Principal, Samuel N. James however refuted the allegations describing them as “baseless and unfounded” and added, “Things might be wrong here but nobody has ever complained to me.”

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He said that he was expecting the students to have found a better way of registering their grievance. He ended by insinuating: “Old boys must be behind the fracas.”

The Regional Media Officer of the Sierra Leone Police, Abdulai Bobson Senu told Awoko, intimated that even though the police was informed about the incident and personnel despatched to the school, no arrests have been made, but maintained that they are investigating the incident.