The All Peoples Congress (APC) Publicity Secretary Robin Faley has said the Chairman, Leader, Presidential candidate and Parliamentary aspirant for Constituency 050 in Port Loko District Kamarainba Mansaray is delusional believing that the lies he is telling to the world of APC attacking him will make him win the election.

Robin Falay

In an interview with the Publicity Secretary at the APC Head Office on Monday, he said immediately the report came out last Saturday that APC has attacked him in Lunsar, they instituted an investigation to ascertain the fact and to take immediate action on their supporters if it was true.

“To our greatest shock, when we went on the ground, the attack that this man was claiming to have been done by our supporters was a big lie, it was the boys he had hired for the Ward 172 Local Government elections that he promised to pay Le150,000 each had attacked him because he never lived up to his promise.”

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Robin Faley alleged that the excreta that was thrown on his office according to their investigation was the warning that if he refused to pay them their money they will beat him up. He said because he wanted to gain sympathy, instead of paying the boys, he didn’t and when he was attacked he came out shouting that the APC is responsible.

“The police is investigating the matter and we hope they will come out with their findings too because APC has no reason to attack Kamarainba because he is a non-starter in Lunsar. Port Loko District is our home and more than 80 percent of the people support APC, why should we attack Kamarainba that is so delusional running all over the country to contest elections that he will never win.”

Robin Faley further alleged that in another village in Lunsar, Kamarainba went there and told the people during his campaign that they should write their names down and he will give them a bag of rice each in a week’s time. “Uptil now he has not delivered on his promise and the people are angry because he lied to them.”

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The Publicity Secretary also alleged that Kamarainba is calling the President a thief during his campaign and cautioned that it is only the courts of Law that should make that statement. Robin Falley defended the APC Leader saying he has never been indicted by Anti Corruption Commission nor the courts. He threatened to institute legal action against Kamarainba if he continues.

Talking about the incident in Kailahun, he said it is the same thing and they want the government to invoke MAC-P so that peace will reign in the district and who ever will emerge victorious they would accept the result and all of them will move forward.