Alexandra Buckle, Elder brother of late Sydney Buckle (DJ Clef) on 26th November testified as 4th prosecution witness on the ongoing murder trial of his brother who was allegedly murdered while attending the birthday party of the 3rd accused, Avril Oreh Renner.


The three accused, Baimba Moi Foray aka L A Chocolate, Foday Kamara and Avril Oreh Renner are charged to court for allegedly conspiring to murder the deceased, DJ Clef, at a party organized by the 3rd accused Oreh Renner at the residence of the 1st accused, LAC in May 2015.

PW 4 Alexandra Buckle told the court that he recognized the 1st and 3rd accused and recalled that on 29th May 2015, a friend of his brother visited him who informed him that they cannot locate the whereabouts of DJ Clef and immediately he informed his family members of the situation.

He said on Saturday 30th May 2015 at about 10 am his family members, including his dad, Sydney Buckle (Sr.) went to the residence of Tunde Scott (PW1) at 147 Upper Kandeh Drive where the deceased was staying before his death.

Alexandra further explained that Tunde Scott informed them that together with the decease they attended a party at Aberdeen but when they wanted to return around 3 am, they could not find DJ Clef and so left the party without him. He said upon that information the family members asked Tunde Scott to lead them to the 3rd accused house at Juba Hill and when they arrived there they were informed that the 3rd accused was not available.

“After waiting for some hours, Oreh (3rd accused) Scame out of the house and told us that she did not see DJ Clef after the party”. After series of discussions together with the 3rd accused they went to Aberdeen Police station to file a missing person report and statements were obtained from Tunde Scott, Sahr Ngegama, Avril Oreh Renner and Oseh.

PW 4 said at around 6:15 pm the same day he saw the 1st accused at Aberdeen Roundabout and immediately informed the police.
He said while they were at the Aberdeen Police station, one Cyril Harold Smith informed his aunt that he had a video clip of one abandoned corpse found at Murray Town Road and on the 1st of June, together with family members, Cyril took the information to the Aberdeen police station for investigation.

He said on 10th June, he received a call from the then CID director who instructed that the deceased body be exhumed and at 2pm they arrived at the ebola cemetery at Waterloo to conduct an autopsy on the remain of DJ Cleff and at 5pm the same day the body was exhumed and wrapped in a piece of cloth. An autopsy was conducted which was used to identify the body.

The matter was adjourned to 8th December for the witness to identify the piece of cloth.