Presidential candidate for the All Peoples Congress (APC), Samura Kamara, told the people of Kabala that he is confident come 7th March that when they speak in the ballot box to elect him as the new president of Sierra Leone the whole world will understand that it is based on truth and honesty.

He said when the campaign started people where asking ‘you sabi am, e kin tok’. The presidential candidate said his answer was that the APC party is an institution with structures, so when the time comes for me to talk I will.
“Now that I have started talking and most people have known me it is now evident that they have seen the right choice and the right man to replace President Koroma. I have moved all round the country and the reception has been excellent, even the in the strong holds of the opposition, because my message has been one of honesty and truth.”

He said at no time the APC has pulled such a crowd in Kenema. He said the number of people that came out to see him and to declare their support for the APC was overwhelming.

“My opponents are saying they don’t know me. Yes, indeed, they don’t know me because I do not belong to a criminal gang. I am a honest person. Sierra Leoneans have my track records. I have served them in different capacities and I stick by them in all struggles.”

Kamara told the people of Kabala and Falaba that he is not going to promise them things he can’t do but will tell them the truth that they lack development and he is going to make sure that they receive development projects that will uplift them and make them respect the APC party.

“This is not the time for me to lie to you, but the truth is what you will get from me as it is very important in my development programs, you will not be left out, especially Falaba that is now a district on its own.”

He said President Koroma has done well for Sierra Leone and is going with his head held high up. “We must be grateful for what he has done for Sierra Leone and I will continue where he left off. We are going to build a strong economy and the roads and electricity projects will continue. I am optimistic that you will give me the chance to continue with the Agenda for Prosperity and you will never regret voting for me and the APC.”

“I am not vying for the presidency to rule Sierra Leoneans; I am vying for the presidency to serve Sierra Leoneans. A vote for me is a vote for all of us. Come out in your numbers on 7th March and vote for economic progress and social security.

Vice Presidential candidate, Chernor Bah thanked the people for their massive turnout to witness such an auspicious occasion as they visited these districts with President Koroma.

“I want to assure you all that our dream is to transform the youth and women and that we are going to do because that is going to be my job. Also I want you to understand that it is better for you to continue with the APC than any other party, because there is a saying that ‘the devil you know is better than the angel you are yet to see’.