Serge Muller who prior to the rebel war and during the rebel in Sierra Leone headed the diamond miner Rex Mining has been extradited to Brussels on alleged charges of cocaine trafficking and money laundering.


The Belgian millionaire used to mine around the Zimmi area until the rebel war forced them to close operations in the 90’s, after which the company became an arms dealer to the government of Sierra Leone.

Sierraloaded gathered that Serge Muller was held in detention in Montenegro for 8 months after which he was handed over to Belgian Police at the airport in the capital Podgorica.

The 59 year old was extradited on an international arrest warrant “accusing him of involvement in an international cocaine ring, the laundering of drug money, and membership of a criminal organization.”

Serge Muller has also been accused of attending a meeting in Chile between members of drug cartels and a member of the Colombian terrorist organization (FARC).

Mueller has denied all charges.