“The Sierra Leone Police despite being a Force for Good charged with the responsibility to protect the lives and property of citizens is not living up to that image, The recent action exhibited by the recently promoted Assistant Inspector General of Police East Mrs Memuna Konteh is again sending a negative signal as her action has been described by residents in the Grassfield community as one of conspiracy and overreaction based on personal vendetta.”

Garage Management and Resort Center 2

This was disclosed during a press conference organized by the Garage Management and Resort Center, which was attended by a large number of community stakeholders, youths and Members of the Sierra Leone Police at the damage structure.

Giving the welcome address, the General Manager for the Garage Management and Resort Center Mr. Justin Abu revealed that “the purpose of this Conference is related to an ugly issue by the AIG Memuna which did not go down well with the Management due to selective justice in the demolition of the Resort Center, and to respond to the allegation the AIG East noted that before the Ebola outbreak, a total of seven dead bodies were discovered at the Garage Management and Resort Center. “She also alleged that a son of a police officer was manhandled by the security of the Garage Management because he maintained that we are an underground business, which is not true,” he explained.

“The Garage Night Club Bar and Restaurant employs over forty five youths of which thirty one are females. Today, we are proud to say a huge number of young people in the Grassfield Community are beneficiaries of our youth empowerment programme. We bought a 31kva Generator to light up Grassfield community and recently, due to the lack of pure water supply, a bore hole was constructed,” Manager Abu disclosed.

The Deputy Mayor of Freetown City Council Madam Hannah Jaiah, who happens to be the Sitting Councilor of Ward 360 in Constituency 101 where the Garage Management and Resort Centre is located, maintained that She never made any complaint to AIG Memuna with regards the Garage Management as claimed in the press conference held at the Sierra Leone Headquarter in Freetown.

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“I have never received any complaint regarding the deaths of seven people as was alleged by the AIG East during the Ebola outbreak. Her action has been seen to many as sabotage for escorting a bulldozer to demolish the entre Resort Center the community depends on without any notice. The police disclosed to me that they are just providing security for the SLRA and was told by one Mr. Coker of SLRA that the Center sits on a Right of Way, even though there are other similar structures on the same Right of Way,” She disclosed.

Garage Management and Resort Center 1

Responding to the allegation AIG Memuna made during press conference at the Police Headquarters, the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mohamed Kalokoh said that “all the allegations made by AIG Memuna about the Garage Management and me are baseless with no truth in them.” He disclosed that the Garage Management and Resort Center occupied is leased to him for the past thirty years but have been in court with certain people for over two years now.

“Recently, one Saturday morning I was my way to work when of them attacked me with threatening remarks boasting of having the blessings of AIG Memuna to demolished the Center . She has damaged property belonging to the Garage Resort Center worth over Le800m. I will consult my lawyer and file a law suit against her and for profiling respectable person like me as a criminal,” he stated.