The Sierra Leone Renaissance Movement (SLRM)  has called for the Case of a Constitutional Court as well as enhancement of an Inclusive, Accountable, Participatory Governance and Citizenry in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Renaissance Movement

This call was contained in its 13-Page position paper submitted to the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC), the body mandated to review the 1991 constitution of Sierra Leone.

Describing the issues submitted as “crucial for a new constitutional and cut across all sections of society”, the renaissance movement noted that the “paper is the result of remarkably detailed and inclusive consultations that were carried out with a specific focus on the Constitutional Review process.”

According to it, “It does not purport to address specific matters in exhaustive detail. Rather, it is intended to encourage discussion and to suggest new approaches in the Constitutional Review process”.

CRC-Constitutional Review Committee Sierra Leone

In it’s recommendations, the Sierra Leone Renaissance Movement  mandated the following:

1. Establishment of a specialised Constitutional Court for Sierra Leone in the new constitution based on the principle of the supremacy of the Constitution.

2. Limit and delimit the ‘Emergency’ and ‘Executive of the President of Sierra Leone powers’ (sections 29 and 53 of the current Constitution) to a Constitutional Court who decides cases that have a constitutional dimension.

3. Urge the CRC to unequivocally commit to not entertaining a third term bid and confirming that no individual shall be eligible to serve as President for more than two consecutive terms and that such persons shall not be eligible to contest for Presidential elections after an intervening term and should be permanently barred from running for president

4. Ensure the composition of the Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone or any of its agencies and the conduct of its affairs shall be carried out in such a manner as to reflect the national character of Sierra Leone and the need to promote a United Sierra Leone

5. CRC should maintain its position that people can become full citizens regardless of the colour of their skin or their racial origin and that they can become President or hold top government positions if they choose, provided they are a natural born citizen and permanent resident

6. Noting that half of Sierra Leone’s population are youth under (35) thirty-five years and that youth unemployment and exclusion from governance was a major root cause of the outbreak of civil conflict in Sierra Leone, we therefore call on the CRC to propose the removal of all unreasonable discriminatory provisions in terms of age limit for President and other government positions.

The full 13-Page position paper can be downloaded in Word or PDF Format.