Popular female Politician, Sylvia Blyden has refuted claims by Julius Maada Bio that He Commissioned and Opened TV Station of the SLBS/TV in 1994.


Describing it as an attempt by Squirrels to revise recent history, Sylvia said that the project was the brain work of the then APC President.

Maada Bio has in a press release yesterday claimed credit for the rehabilitation of SLBS-TV. The Bio media team stated, in their Press release yesterday that “In 1993, as Secretary of State for Information and Broadcasting, then Capt. Julius Maada Bio was poised to revamp our national treasure, SLBS and establish a TV station for the good of the people of Sierra Leone.”

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The retired Brigadier  also stated that He “was very determined to establish a TV station of the SLBS/TV as Secretary of State for Information and Broadcasting. That venture was to cost the government huge amount of money but I used my personal efforts to ensure we have a TV station for the benefit of the people of Sierra Leone. I feel humbled that it was part of what we achieved in NPRC.”

Reacting the the above claims, Sylvia Blyden wrote:

I have read the shameless attempt by handlers of NPRC/SLPP’s Julius Maada Bio to take credit for the rehabilitation of SLBS-TV in 1994. This shameless attempt must not be left unchallenged.

Please let me inform the world that the rehabilitation of the SLBS TV was part of the industrialization project conceptualised and commenced by the APC’s President Joseph Saidu Momoh under an APC Programme that was known as the Immigration Investment Programme (IIP).

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Be informed that the whole idea of selling passports to Hong Kong citizens was a very developmental one initiated and designed by the Constitutional APC Government of President Joseph Saidu Momoh before it was overthrown by extra judicial murderers calling themselves as the NPRC Military Junta.

The Project was designed for the State of Sierra Leone to TRANSPARENTLY use the proceeds from passport sales to undertake development projects like rebuilding SLBS TV whilst also encouraging Hong Kong recipients of the passports to pour in money into industrial development efforts.

This was the project designed by the APC Government of President Momoh.

When NPRC military young men, supported by their SLPP fathers, used guns to shoot their way into State House and forcefully and unlawfully take over from the constitutionally elected Momoh APC Government, the likes of Julius Maada Bio then subsequently hijacked the development aspect of the designed project.

Instead of ploughing the full proceeds into development efforts, they started sharing the passport cash sales into their secret bank accounts.

Lead Culprit most culpable with evidence, in the thieving pocketing of the proceeds from the passport sales was Lieutenant Julius Maada Bio (some call him Captain; some call him Brigadier but he is actually a mere retired Lieutenant as that was his rank when he formed NPRC in April 1992).

It was Lieutenant Maada Bio who squirreled passport sales cash into his foreign bank accounts in Ghana and Channel Islands, amongst others. The bank transactions statements are all available as evidence.

So I laugh to read the shameless drivel from Bio’s Communication Team claiming SLBS TV rehabilitation is because of Bio’s personal efforts.

I laugh because the only “personal efforts” of Julius Maada Bio was to take a lump of the passport sales and squirrel it into his private offshore bank accounts whilst using a pittance for the real development projects as designed by the APC’s President J.S. Momoh. One such development project was that of SLBS TV rehabilitation which was completed in 1994 as a result of the transaction with Hong Kong passport sales.

Apart from the SLBS TV Project, many other development projects were to have been undertaken as conceptualized by APC’s President Momoh. Alas! They could not be done as huge chunk of the passport sales proceeds went into Maada Bio’s thieving pockets. ????????

Since the NPRC were not transparent and brooked no dissent, nobody dared to challenge them. Or else, they would have executed their challengers in cold blood like they did to hundreds (if not thousands) of our citizens.

According to Dr. Abass Bundu in a treatise he published in December 2005, it was himself as Foreign Minister, along with Maada Bio, who helped to sell the passports under a programme that he confessed was a brilliant initiative conceived by the APC’s President Joseph Momoh as a means of getting Hong Kong citizens to, in the words of Dr. Bundu, “come to Sierra Leone with their wealth and expertise to invest in small-scale industries in order to boost our industrialization programme.”

BUNDU in his December 2005 writings explains that the sale of passports to Hong Kong was brilliantly conceived by the APC at a strategic means of developing Sierra Leone.

Dr. Bundu explains thus and I quote: “Britain?s lease over Hong Kong was about to expire. The citizens of Hong Kong were getting nervous about the future of the Territory once it changed hands from Britain to China, and naturally they were concerned also about their own future. A large number of them decided to emigrate. The wealthy among them were offered citizenship by developed countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The less wealthy ones sought refuge in other parts of the world, including Africa. In Sierra Leone the Government [of President Momoh] adopted the Immigration Investment Programme (IIP). It was aimed at the citizens of Hong Kong who wished to emigrate. For a fee they were offered naturalization and a passport to go with it.”

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Continuing, Dr. Abass BUNDU explains the IIP as conceptualised by the APC government of President Momoh, “aimed at achieving two objectives: to attract foreign investors into Sierra Leone and to raise much needed revenue for the country.”

The above are the exact verbatim December 2005 words of NPRC/SLPP’s Dr. Abass Bundu. Read keenly as he hails developmental initiative of the APC’s President Momoh.

So the likes of other NPRC/SLPP elements like Julius Maada Bio, John Oponjo Benjamin and Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella should join Abass Bundu in standing up and loudly applauding the APC and late President Momoh.

We will reject anyone who tries to revise History – we will educate the young ones who were not around at the height of the NPRC infamy. Thank God some of us are still alive and well armed with all the facts to swiftly help set the records straight. Amen.

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So tell PAOPA dem say make we yase yerri far with den propaganda about “personal efforts”. This Maada Bio man shot his way to power penniless. Na for where ee be get money for take “personal efforts” for rebuild SLBS TV?”

So far, they have been no reaction from the Maada Bio’s team. Let’s wait as more drama unfolds.