He Explained How he turned 150 No’s in 1 Yes and Built a Multi Million Empire. His story will inspire and motivate you.


Reginald Larry-Cole is head of business for Buy2Letcars.com & Wheels4Sure.com. He is in his 40s and his family is originally from Sierra Leone in West Africa, he holds a BA (Hon) 2.1 Business Degree from London Metropolitan University. He is single with young children and named the group’s parent company (RAEDEX) after his children.

Reginald is the founder and CEO of the world’s first car leasing company funded by people for people. The companies now have £22million under management and partners with 12 manufacturers and strategic partner to Uber and easyCar Club.

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In 2003 Reginald built a business from start up to a multi-million pound organisation within four years whilst at University. Unfortunately he lost everything in the 2008 credit crunch as the main supplier for his customers pulled out of the market; they had provided 98% of the company’s revenue. He reluctantly went on the dole queue for the first time ever, became suicidal but as a Christian, he was able turn his fortunes around with God, Obama, his children and friends & family.

Whilst trying to raise finance to start up his present companies, he spoke to 150 institutions and got 150 no’s and had a false start with an investor who came disguised as the great white knight. He was bold enough to put an ad in The Sunday Times and through that was able to raise the finance from a private individual in one setting. With this he launched two businesses

  • www.buy2letcars.com – There is money in cars if you are the bank
  • www.wheels4sure.com – we believe in giving people a second chance to restore their dignity.

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He is now living his second success story and has built the new businesses into a multi-million pound turnover concern within 11 months. In just over 4 years his leasing income is north of £4million.

A few words from Reginald Larry-Cole:

    • Believe in the greater Power.
    • Find a mentor
    • Ensure you use the sharpest professional advisers.
    • Read, Read, Read. Find relevant business references, self-help books, etc.
    • Work Hard, Work Smart – let’s work together especially in the area of man and woman relationships today.
    • Don’t be fooled by your perceived material independence.Remember the creed
    • The answer to life and its opportunities, lie in nature
    • Dream- struggle-victory.

Next Steps:
Reginald has been signed up by Black Card Books and is personally working with Gerry Roberts on his first book titled: Compassionate Capitalism How I Turned 150 Nos into 1 Yes and Built a Multi Million Empire (published by Black Card Books).