Following the recent spate of terrorist attacks around the world, especially in West Africa, renowned five star hotel, Radison Blu, has tightened security as a proactive measure to prevent any form of terror attack against mainly its European and American guests.

Radison Blu Hotel Freetown

Following terrorist attacks in France, Mali and Burkina Faso where several people were killed there has been high terror alert in the world prompting the tightening of security around airports, train stations, hotels and other public places.

In Sierra Leone, even though there has never been any terrorist related attack, few years ago the country received a threat from Al-Shaba in Somalia for contributing troops to AMISOM (African Peace Keeping Mission in Somalia).

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At that time the authorities said they had put the necessary mechanisms in place to forestall any such attack in the country.

But recent terror attacks around the world, especially in West Africa, where the phenomenon is pretty new, has promoted governments on the continent to review their security policies.

Last year in France, a satirical magazine house was attacked, killing several of its staff including the editor; and recently terrorist using the same pattern opened fire at a public gathering killing many people.

In Kenya, Al-Shaba also attacked the Garishua University killing several students and staff there in what was described as one of the most horrific terrorist attacks in that country for decades.

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In Mali, there was a terrorist attack at the Radison Blu hotel in Bamako targeting westerners working for the UN Mission in that country. The Al-Qaeda group in the Maghreb claimed responsibility.

The latest terrorist attack occurred in Burkina Faso, where a hotel was attacked with several people either killed or injured.

The systematic terrorist attack in Africa, more especially in West Africa, has prompted the renowned Radison Blu Hotel at Aberdeen to introduce stiffer security measures to increase the safety of their mainly European and American guests and to prevent a similar scenario at the Radison Blu Hotel in Bamako.

It is against this backdrop that concerned citizens are urging government to step up security at major entry points into the country including the airport and boarders as a proactive measure to forestall any terrorist attack in the country.

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They also note that other countries in the sub-region like Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, have increased security at all potential terrorist targets and urge the government of Sierra Leone to do likewise.

Citizens calling on government, especially the security apparatus to be sharing intelligence with other countries affected by terrorist attacks so as to be in a better position to forestall it or know how to contain it should it happen.