Sierra Leoneans in the United Kingdom have urged the UN Diplomat turned Politician, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella to defect from the Sierra Leone People’s Party in furtherance of his presidential ambition in new a political dispensation.

Believe Kandeh Yumkella

The Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, KKY Movement members advised their leader while contributing at a town hall meeting held in London over the weekend, in order to update them on the current situation in the country’s main opposition party.

Kafue Banya informed Dr. Yumkella of how disappointed he felt over the treatment national officers in the SLPP gave him. He said the national officers who the party’s constitution empowered to conduct a disinterested, free and fair convention have publicly taken sides with an aspirant, while they informed members of the party that Dr. Yumkella is an absolute foreigner. Therefore he advised him not to subdue to any family blackmail bent on stopping him from leaving the party.

“The party’s executive saying they do not want you to be the party’s flagbearer, does not mean the people of Sierra Leone do not want you to be their president” he said, while emphasized further that there was no need wasting time in the party.

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He noted to Dr. Yumkella, that they believe he happened to be the man who will transform Sierra Leone, and as a result he said all they care about was getting him to state house regardless of what party he placed himself.

He encouraged him not to be disappointed on the issue of defecting from his party, noting that he was not going to be the first making such decision.

He highlighted that Sierra Leoneans such Sir Albert Margai, Siaka Stevens and President Ernest Bai Koroma as an exemplary of those who have once crossed carpeted from their political parties but yet lead the country at a given time of their lives.

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Dr. Colomba Blango said when he heard about the tribal campaigned of some national officers within the SLPP, manifested against KKY he concluded that they are not ready to see their party form the next government of Sierra Leone.

Therefore he encouraged him to move on with his presidential aspiration, noting that the party’s authorities are more concerned about having a flagbearer from a particular ethnic group than winning elections.

He said they have put the country first and they want KKY to become the country’s president in order for them to relocate back to Sierra Leone, with opportunities for them, hence he urged him to stop wasting his time and resources in a party that did not respect him.

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He further explained that Dr. Yumkella happened to be a likeable candidate whose ideas could be marketed easily in the country. He revealed that the last time he visited the country most women and youth he interacted with expressed willingness to vote for Dr. Yumkella, if he emerged as a president candidate in the forthcoming election.

He said most Sierra Leoneans, desire a new political ideology apart from SLPP and APC, as that was the reason why Charles Margai established an impact in 2007.

He encouraged KKY to be confidence of succeeding outside the SLPP, reminding him of the connections he has in the international community.