The Pujehun District Council Chairman, Sadiq Sillah, has called on President Koroma to cleverly investigate the political squabbles within his party in Pujehun District.


According to Sadiq Sillah political bickering is hindering the development of the district as senior officials of the All People’s Congress Party are violating the precepts of democracy at the detriment of hapless people.

He cited instances involving the molestation of the Chief Imam of Pujehun District, who according to the District Chairman, was sheepishly handled by an APC sycophant.

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Sillah pleaded to President Koroma to instil political honesty and tolerance in his membership within the district as development is what the district is yearning for.

The political opportunists, according to Sadiq Sillah, are causing problems for the President in the district. “I am urging supporters of the All People’s Congress Party to concentrate on development,” he admonished.

The District Chairman was speaking during the official commissioning of the Socfin Agricultural Company Mill.